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Otto van Nieuwenhuijze

Born in the Netherlands, i grew up with the realisation that many people speak different languages, have their own life style, and that we always live in precarious balance with nature. It helped me appreciate the value of nature and culture. When i was 8 and 18 years old, respectively, i lived for a year in the USA and Canada; which helped me realise how relative it is to 'belong' to any specific culture. We always have a choice where on Earth we live; and whom we wish to live with. I now live in Amsterdam; a world city and cosy as a village.

I studied in Delft, engineering, where i learned about the properties of matter. I also came to realise that science has no way to address the unknown, thus i sought out the topics of mathematics (abstraction and generalisation), informatics of physics (information in matter) and systems theory. The last, because it alligned most with the 4D-logic i had found as solution for some of the questions i researched.

Then i studied in the British Library, and explored how the various world cultures each had discovered and described the relationship between information and matter. I studied the foundations of science, religions, magic and medicine, and found that they are all the same and related. As quantum theory points out: our observing determines the observation. We need to gauge our involvement.

Then i went to study medicine; specifically: the workings of our body. The method of problem based learning had decided that i go to Maastricht to do so. I discovered that medicine has no understanding of life, love, health and consciousness. This prompted me to initiate a project : "Healing Health Care" with a corollary "Tuition & inTuition" because doctors-educated-by-doctors represent a vicious vicious cycle; and a health risk.

Since, i started to share my findings with others. After the discovery of the 4D-Dynamic-Logic in the 1970's, the verification (in the 1980's) that other cultures all know the concept, and the validation (in the 1990's) that this is what we experience in our living body, these findings can now be shared with others (2000's).

At present i work as Independent Research Scientist, focusing on the interplay between information and matter in our living body. "What we mind matters". There is a large scientific community working in this field already. My publications are mainly in the Systems Science community, where people have sufficiently open minds to look at the foundations of science: the scientists themselves.

I was editor for the Dutch Journal for Integral Health Care (TIG; which since 1986 already provides the foundations and backgrounds for other methods of healing) and wrote as editor/writer for the a journal. I taught at the HU in the minor on CAM. Now i am setting up an independent curriculum on Integral Health Care. I now offer the same independenlty.

In order to apply the principles where they matter directly, i offer my services as consultant (ProVisions). Managers and organisers can thus come to learn the principles of health and healing and apply them in their organisations and corporations. ..."to experience their organisation as organism rather than as mechanism".

The activities are all part of the same main project: Planting Paradise. It is an invitation for all humans to live as if their life matters - which it does. And to experience themselves as creators rather than as creatures.

It is a choice.

It is your choice.

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